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July 31, 2012

FirefoxOS, test it on your Windows/macOs/linux

Firefox OS is the new mobile OS from Mozilla...

Firefox OS consists of 3 basic software layers: 
  • Gonk (kernal, HAL, and low-level components
  • Gecko (rendering engine, web APIs)
  • and Gaia (HTML5 User interface layer).       
Would you try it in your pc?

Do you want the easy way? Go here

or.... (let's try this):

Download the B2G packet from this page:

choose your build version (linux, mac, win...):

Download only the 14 MB file!

March 29, 2012

BrowserQuest, a multiplayer adventure on Firefox

BrowserQuest - Firefox

BrowserQuest is a massively multiplayer game by Mozilla, playable on your browser with an old style graphic.

Connect to server... if you have problems
use Chrome to play the game.

 Ok, the controls are very easy...

And the cake is not a lie.

Nyan cat?

Deafeat the enemies, collect all the items and complete all the achievements...

Find best weapons to defeat the final Boss.


February 5, 2012

Firefox 11 (beta)

An interesting feature to graphically see the web page elements:

November 28, 2011

Firefox: lock your tabs

How many times you have closed a tab for a mistake?
With the extension "TabLoc" you can lock your tabs preventing to close them.
In this extension there are many options for protecting tabs... very useful: save my azz multiple times.

Search it on your extension panel or install it from the webpage:

This extension doesn't work in your Firefox version?
Go here:

June 27, 2011

Firefox: extension compatibility

If your favorite extension is not compatible with your Firefox version you can try to block the compatibility check.
When a developer makes an extension he writes the version of Firefox in which he thinks his extension works,
so if a extension is blocked when you install a new version of Firefox doesn't mean it doesn't work.
Maybe if the extension is too old and the browser is too new some problem could happen.

I'm trying to install the Avast extension, but is not compatible with FF5.0... but now it works!

Follow this instruction to block the compatibility check:
  •  open Firefox
  •  read the version number (Help - Information on Firefox)
  •  write in the address bar this:   about:config
  •  right click for the menu and select New - Boolean
  •  in the textbox write: extensions.checkCompatibility.YOURVERSION  where YOURVERSION is the number obtained reading the Firefox version
  • Click Ok and select "False" as boolean value
  • restart Firefox

My FF version number is 5.0 so I put :

If you wanna return back search "extension.checkCompatibility...." in the filter textbox in about:config and double-click the voice to put "True" or simply delete the voice.

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