March 31, 2012

Google Maps 8 bit: adventure!!

Go go go :  (Choose Quest in the map options)


March 29, 2012

BrowserQuest, a multiplayer adventure on Firefox

BrowserQuest - Firefox

BrowserQuest is a massively multiplayer game by Mozilla, playable on your browser with an old style graphic.

Connect to server... if you have problems
use Chrome to play the game.

 Ok, the controls are very easy...

And the cake is not a lie.

Nyan cat?

Deafeat the enemies, collect all the items and complete all the achievements...

Find best weapons to defeat the final Boss.


March 28, 2012

Bluestacks: android apps in your pc

With the Beta of Bluestacks you can use Android market apps on your Windows Os.
All beautiful.

But today I'm a bit annoyed and I noticed that this software is bloated as ****:
  •  2 processes run on StartUp
  •  + ~400 MB of ram used
when you don't use Bluestacks.


If you wanna try it:

Imho the best way is a Virtual Machine solution: virtualizing Android ICS. (the only problem is the internet connection... that doesn't work in my case, there is a post of 2 weeks ago)

March 27, 2012

Misty cosplay, great success

The post about Misty and cosplayers received a bunch of visits.
I dedicate the image below to celebrate this great victory.

March 26, 2012

Waiting for: Prometheus

I'm really waiting for this:

You can see the trailer and (spoiler!!!) HERE you can see the presumable plot based on the trailers.

Also H.R. Giger time...

March 22, 2012

So I saw Gurren Lagann

One month ago I bought the DVD box of Gurren Lagann.
I was curious about that anime... so this is the dvd box (not a prestige edition, 6 DVDs)...

Not bad, not bad, I'm not a big fan of "huge fuckin' robots", but I liked it.
Great fan-service about Yoko :-P

Also... cosplay time!

Uhm... super-spoiler video : Gurren Lagann with reaction guys (Youtube)

March 21, 2012

March 16, 2012

The waiting

...and once again they are repeating the sad show of waiting in front of Apple stores...

March 10, 2012

Smartphone OS now in one image

Android is sucking c**ck to iOS, in the while Windows Phone is doing nothing, just watching.

Just kidding :P

I'm waiting to see the Windows 8 Phone OS (Apollo) and what is true in all those rumors about the new Android OS (I'm still waiting for an upgrade to ICS for some 2010/11 models).

March 8, 2012

Android in your x86 PC

Do you have a laptop/netbook/something with the x86 architecture and you want to change OS?
If you have a:

  • ASUS Eee PCs/Laptops
  • Viewsonic Viewpad 10
  • Dell Inspiron Mini Duo
  • Samsung Q1U
  • Viliv S5
  • Lenovo ThinkPad x61 Tablet 
or other device you can put in Android for x86!

Download the latest iso:

There is the 4.0RC iso... let's try it on VirtualBox, I use the Asus EEEpc iso:

Low ram and too much video ram (8 MB Video is fine, 400-500 MB Ram too) to test...

In the Audio section: ICH AC97 doesn't work! Use SoundBlaster16! ;-)
For Network section use PCnet-Fast III (NAT)!

....continue (open the post clicking the post title)....

March 7, 2012

Ok, a decent Metro Start Menu for Windows 8

Hey Microsoft, this is a functional Metro Start:

And wow! Customization! It's clearly not a Microsoft product! (Right click on the Orb)

You can use it like the old Start Menu, but this is with the original Metro.

Download it

StarDock offers us a ""beta"", a preview of its program.
I think that after the ""trial"" period (September 2012) this add-on will be available only by purchasing it.
So... other third party softwares for fixing internal problems... 

I think that with only this "big fix" the most issues of Windows 8 are "patched": you can reach apps/programs list, etc... you have everything at your fingertips (and eyes).

Uhm... yeah, my idea of "gadget-abled" apps could integrate better Metro and Desktop...

By the way (I have only Windows 8 in mind in these days :P  Sorry!):
Ah,.... Metro Apps section could be better... Ms think about it!

Valve and its new console oh wow

It's a rumor but...

Tim Buckley with his CTRL+ALT+DEL strip represents me (in the first and in the second box!!)

March 6, 2012

Metro Apps in your desktop PC: useful?

I think Metro Apps and the Desktop can live together.
Now we can (only with high resolution... Ms, oh you...) dock apps with the Desktop and dock them with another app.
But...  if we can use Apps in different ways?

  •  Immersive way, fullscreen like now;
  •  Docked way, with other apps or with Desktop;
  •  floatable way?
With "Floatable way" I means Apps could be like gadgets (old gadgets can be dropped), you can put them in the Desktop with the "Snap" action (in the center of the screen could be) and the App could be resized or moved.

So, we could have 3 different ways to use Apps.
And in a desktop computer there could be a "visual multitasking" with those Apps (now you can put side by side one app to another app...  two "windows"... a bit limited)

A mockup with the XBOX Live app:

and with the Weather App (tiled, expanded mode and actions):

A new Sonic level

March 5, 2012

Boom of requests for Raspberry Pi

The mini-computer with the ARM processor and 256MB of ram, capable of multiple things (like a media center in  1080p video playback) has received a boom in purchase orders

Very, very interesting. It's pity that they will take months to execute all orders!

More info:

March 4, 2012

Windows 8 Shortcuts and more

Some (I found these) shortcuts for Windows 8...

WIN = go to Metro, quit Metro (push a letter to start searching)
WIN+C = Charm Bar
WIN+F = Search
WIN+I  = settings on Charm Bar
WIN+P = extern monitor/projector
WIN+D = show Desktop
WIN+H = share on Charm Bar
WIN+K = connect on Charm Bar
WIN+L = lock
WIN+O = block screen rotation
WIN+Z = App Bar on Metro Start Screen like a right click in the background ("All apps" shortcut, but a button on the Metro Start Screen could be better)
WIN+Q = Apps section on Start Screen (from Desktop too, but an "All apps" button on missing) [very useful]
WIN + X = quick menu (right click menu in the "Start Button")
WIN+PRINTSCREEN = automatic screenshot saved in Pictures
WIN+ +/- = Windows Zoom
WIN+SHIFT+V = show notifications
WIN+ENTER = start Narrator application
WIN+M = minimize window

WIN+PAGE UP/DOWN = move Metro Start or Metro app in different monitors
WIN+SHIFT+. = move desktop to left
WIN+. = move desktop to right
WIN+CURSOR KEYS = move active window (Aero snap)

CTRL+Mouse Scroll = on Metro Start, semantic zoom
PAGE UP/DOWN = on Metro Start, move between groups

there are present all the Win Seven shortcuts (WIN+R... etc...)

And in the system registry you can see all the probably versions of Win8:

  •   Windows 8 Starter edition
  •   Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
  •   Windows 8 Home Premium edition
  •   Windows 8 Professional edition
  •   Windows 8 Professional Plus edition
  •   Windows 8 Enterprise Edition  
  •   Windows 8 Ultimate edition  
  •   Windows 8 ARM edition 

Lol, "plus"?

(Sorry about all these posts about Win8... :-P)

March 3, 2012

Eyes on Windows 8 Consumer Preview... #1

I took a look of Windows Consumer Preview...

I think Metro UI is beautiful and useful on tablets and it could integrate in the classic Windows too, but... let's see something...

Where installing Windows 8?
I put Windows 8 (32 bit version) in VirtualBox (Oracle) in a old laptop.
These are the laptop configs:
  •  Intel Dual Core 1.6Ghz
  •  1 GB Ram
  •  hdd 2.5''
and these are the virtual machine given resources:
  •  using 2 cores with 81% cpu time
  •  470 MB Ram
  •  ~8 GB Disk Space (virtual disk)

Yeah, very very slightly!

Let's start! Let's install it!
I don't explain here how using VirtualBox, it's easy.
Let's install Win8!

Betta, the fish for the beta versions!

March 1, 2012

Minecraft update

Uhm... I should continue my minecraft adventure....
  • + New jungle biome    
  • + Added ocelots
  • + Added cats
  • + Added iron golems
  • + New AI for mobs
  • + Tame wolves can have puppies
  • + Villagers will have children if there is room in their village
  • + Added rare drops for mobs
  • + New items and blocks
  • * New map height limit (256 instead of 128)
  • * Doors have been updated so that double-doors work better with redstone
  • * Many other minor tweaks and fixes
  • - Removed Herobrine (LoL)
I have to do a lot of things:
  •  find the Mushroom island
  •  find this new jungle biome
  •  find these new items and blocks
  •  find other strongholds
  •  beat *spoiler*


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