June 29, 2011

Doctor Who, lend me your T.A.R.D.I.S.

Between one thing and another I'm watching all the "new" seasons of the TV series "Doctor Who".
In particular from 2005 onwards.
If you have never seen, I highly recommend it!
Don't spoiler the plot on Wiki! Damn!

Google + is coming to us

Google is trying to reinvent social-networks with Google + (Google Plus).

Take a look to the features:

Extreme piercing

It's funny how many strange images you can find with Google Images...
Also, it's funny to see how people is mad.

Search for "extreme piercing" at your own risk.

If you need a tripod ("bi"pod in this case?) for your weapon... 

Try to steal this bicycle!

Wanted handyman gardener who is a whiz with the scissors ... 

June 27, 2011

Google images reverse search

I noticed it a few days ago, maybe you know already.

Google has finally searching for images based on an image and not text.

Such as TineEye, Google will use a picture to find other similar or identical, but will also serve to begin a general search on an image.

For example, the photo of a statue can give results as other photos of the statue,and various other information.
Of course, thanks to giant Google's database the results are interesting.

In the search page simply click the camera icon, or drag and drop a photo on the search bar.

Firefox: extension compatibility

If your favorite extension is not compatible with your Firefox version you can try to block the compatibility check.
When a developer makes an extension he writes the version of Firefox in which he thinks his extension works,
so if a extension is blocked when you install a new version of Firefox doesn't mean it doesn't work.
Maybe if the extension is too old and the browser is too new some problem could happen.

I'm trying to install the Avast extension, but is not compatible with FF5.0... but now it works!

Follow this instruction to block the compatibility check:
  •  open Firefox
  •  read the version number (Help - Information on Firefox)
  •  write in the address bar this:   about:config
  •  right click for the menu and select New - Boolean
  •  in the textbox write: extensions.checkCompatibility.YOURVERSION  where YOURVERSION is the number obtained reading the Firefox version
  • Click Ok and select "False" as boolean value
  • restart Firefox

My FF version number is 5.0 so I put :

If you wanna return back search "extension.checkCompatibility...." in the filter textbox in about:config and double-click the voice to put "True" or simply delete the voice.

June 26, 2011

DIY: 6$ mouse pen

Yesterday I was a bit bored so I tried to build something.
With a old yellow marker and a bit of glue I made this mouse pen.
The internal circuit is from a "finger mouse" (see related post) and it's set to stay inside the marker.

Does it work fine? Not bad, lol, but this optical sensor doesn't work too much fine on the surface of my desk so I tried on a mousepad.

June 25, 2011

Dropbox & Company

Dropbox is a software that allow you to put your files in a remote server under the protection of your account.
It is a storage where you can access with your devices: there is a software for your pc, an app for your mobile or you can use the Dropbox website to navigate your files.
You can also share files in the Public directory giving links to your friends.
Very usefull if you must work with a file in several devices (desktop - laptop).

Dropbox has 2 GB of free space for you: http://www.dropbox.com

There are many services like Dropbox:

Sugarsync - https://www.sugarsync.com/ : 5GB + 500MB for referral

MiniMedia - http://www.mimedia.com/ : 7GB

Skydrive - http://www.windowslive.it/skyDrive.aspx : 25GB

June 24, 2011

Iphone 5, new look announced or not

In these days some rumors say that the new Iphone comes with a new look, but other rumors say that the Iphone 5 will be similar to the Iphone 4.
There is no certainty.
The release date? The beginning of September...

A new design for the Iphone 5 ... uhm... maybe this?
Banana phoneeee, ring ring ring, banana phone!

Guess how you can use it!

June 23, 2011

I'm still playing Duke Nukem 3D

Some screenshots...

A head on a plate in a japanese-like restaurant.
I will complain to the owner.

No, you can't shoot at the helicopter...

2001: a space odyssey? Nope, Duke Nukem 3D.
"Oh my God, it's full of pigs!"

June 21, 2011

Duke Nukem 3D Remastered HD with HRP

No, the Atari cartridge is unrelated.

The old, old, old Duke Nukem 3D game "remastered" in HD.

I never play this HD version, so... it's time.
It's summer, but few minutes for the Duke are obligatory.

This is a High Resolution Pack  for the original game.
Link for download? Google it 

This High Resolution Pack works great, look at the game world! How beautiful!

Click for enlarge!

You can switch from old 8-bit graphic to the new HR in the Options menu.

Too many posts about the Duke in this period... :-D

June 19, 2011

A "Photoshop" in your browser

If you don't have a good photo-image editor or you are in another computer away from your trusted editor, you can use a browser based editor like Pixlr Photo Editor.


Solar Bikini

Yeah, summer is coming, but...
seriously... what?

With a female USB socket in the slip... hum...
This is science!

For more info...

Art History search

Explore the art of the world selecting different ages and areas:



June 17, 2011

It's not a netbook

Toshiba: back in time...

Apple, Google, they are the same

Old story.

The current companies collect our personal information and they do what they want, sell them, make money on them.
For me is ok if I know it and I can select which informations provide.
After Apple and his "I'm collecting wifi spots for blahblahblah" is the time for Google.

Let me be a bit angry when I can trace with Google, through the MAC address of my wifi router, my home address.
I have no idea how they did it to collect all this data (google cars?), But that does not please me at all.

Considerations to you.

Insert your MAC address : http://www.wartris.com/wifilocate/ and try.
This site reads a public Google database.
You can find your MAC in your router details.

I've tryed:
- Pc network card MAC: nothing
- Smartphone MAC: nothing
- Router ASDL port MAC: nothing
- Router LAN port MAC: nothing
- Router WIFI port MAC:  ... aw, sh*t... my current address

My access point is not for public use, it's crypted and not so powerfull. So, why collecting it?

Google, don't be evil.

June 16, 2011

Crysis 2... bye bye Steam

Crisis 2 is no longer available on Steam, but will be available on Origin, the new EA DD platform.
The digital delivery war has begun.

Edit: EA says that is not his fault... uhm.... mumble mumble...

June 15, 2011

Finger Mouse

Out of curiosity I bought this mouse. Is dedicated for use with laptops, but no matter.
It's not bad, but it works better on my t-shirt that on the desk in the picture!

June 14, 2011

Indie games with YoYo


This is a interesting website that collects a bunch of homemade games made with a tool called GameMaker.

Follow this link for the game list: http://www.yoyogames.com/browse

The tool is for beginners and for developers a bit more expert,  there is the possibility to use a scripting language for coding and the support of plugins and DLLs written in other languages. I'm reading that in the next times this tool will support the publishing in other devices and OS (iOs, Android, PSP, Mac, etc...).

There is a huge amount of games...  like:



June 13, 2011

Expand a short URL

This is a useful website for checking the final destination of a short URL like http://bit.ly/dzndHk.

If you wanna know the true address of this short link you should visit the link or use this website:


There are a Chrome Extension and a mobile app for this purpose.

My old trick to show where a short url redirects is to open it in a new notepad file.
Notepad> File > Open > insert URL and OK... the result is the HTML source code of the destination page.

June 12, 2011

TiM: the Incredible Machine

How many hours I have spent with this game...
Do you remember?
This is a great puzzle game! If you never played this game or want to play another time...

Download it from this amazing website: http://www.thehouseofgames.net/index.php?t=10&id=216

On Windows XP works great, if you have Vista or superior and doesn't work try to use Compatible Mode or install DOS-Box.

June 10, 2011

Google Doodle, the guitar sounds good

Try to play and record  your song following this link: http://www.google.com/webhp

My try: http://goo.gl/doodle/VhWNs   (heyyy, I'm not a musician ! XD)

Edit: new link : http://www.google.com/logos/2011/lespaul.html

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, back to the past

Yeah, back to the past.
Digging in my game collection I found something interesting: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

This is an old game for pc, very nice, but underrated by the players of that time to its nature as a side-scrolling platform game.

I never played this game.
Glorious installed and... not bad. Nice graphic, nice gameplay... I'll continue to play (this winter, I wanna enjoy my summer :D)

Ah, the Duke is now on stores > Duke Nukem Forever: http://store.steampowered.com/

June 9, 2011

Are you ready for the Duke?

Finally the waiting is near to the end... (10 June!)

Meanwhile... do you remember the old, old, old trailer of Duke Nukem Forever?
Nope? Take a look, this is one of the old trailers of DNF.

Dude what? It's fffff*cking AWESOME!!!

The trailer collection : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxFC7Do9T3Q

June 8, 2011

PS Vita, the new psp

Only two things:

I have only the old PSP (Fat) for playing all my PS1 games and some UMD, but this Playstation Portable caught my attention.
With Ipad/Iphone, Android devices and PSVita, Nds  the mobile gaming is marvelous.

Lego is not for kids - part 2

Yeah, Lego is not (only) for kids.
Why? Look these images:

Build a case with Lego, priceless...


June 7, 2011

Uncle Steve presents iAndroi...ops...iOS 5 and other things

Seriously guys... what?
What is that?

I'm a bit annoyed that every time somebody announces a "bigggginnnovation", "revolution" or some other shit, this already exists.
Changing names don't make a new technology.

1) Notifications: seriously, is this Android? Where are notifications in iOS 4?
2) Twitter: integrated with the OS? Are you kidding me?
3) Ota updates: welcome to 2008 (or 2007)
4) iCloud: innovation? Windows Skydrive, Dropbox etc...
5) now you can use volume button for camera .... no comment

All right, all usefull things, but... innovation? Revolution? Nope.

Try again Apple.

And stop kidding.

Mixcraft 5 multi track audio / midi software for your needs

Mixcraft is a very good piece of software that promises to break ass to other digital audio workstation.

It's very easy to use and it has a very large collection of loops/effects and you can use MIDIs too, has plugins and exports in mp3, wav, ogg.

I'm trying to compose something good ;-)

This is the website: http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/

The software is not free, but is more cheaper than others (80$).
It's a trial version and after the end of the trial period you can extend it for two more days.
After that you can't export anything.
Try it!

June 6, 2011

E3 2011 Los Angeles: uhm, ok for me :D

I'm following some parts of the E3 2011 from GameSpot (thanks Gamespot!) and I'm very pleased to see how good are the new Call of Duty and (obviously) the new Tomb Raider.

Interacting with the xbox360 Kinect is also very interesting, a beautiful try was given with Tom Clancy's
Ghost Recon assembling weapons and shooting targets (with voice and movements) and with the dashboard.

Some images from CoD e TR:

Post Under Upgrade ...

Big jokes

One of them:

.wav from .wav on Vimeo.

Pokemon: a mystery revealed

and this is why trash bins contain pokeballs and other stuff...

June 3, 2011

Downloading and playing the Duke (Demo)

The "First Access Club" code...

For who has the demo code is possible to download the Duke Nukem Forever demo version(via Steam).

I'm downloading the demo... :-D and playing :-D

Some screenshots:

The graphic seems a bit lower compared with other current games, but doesn't matter (imho).

Duke uses a hologram to distract the enemies..

E3 2011: the new Lara Croft

I'm a huge fan of the Tomb Raider saga and I appreciate this return to beginnings...
Take a look:


Card Reader in an Android suit

This is a very beautiful card reader designed like the Android robot.

USB Robot microSDHC Card Reader is a tiny card reader which direct read and write micro SD/T-Flash memory card. It turns your flash card into a Pen Drive! This super mini Micro Drive goes with your mobile life. 

You can buy this item following this link:

June 2, 2011

What the font is this?

If you need to know what font is used in a text/image you should visit this site:


You can upload an image o simply type the image URL (if the image is hosted somewhere).

Let's try:

1) I wanna know what is the font I've used in this image, so I copy-paste the URL in the textbox.
2) click continue
3) the page ask if the recognized text is correct, check (and fill with correct letter) and continue...

Says "Helvetica Rounded Bold", but the "C" letter is a bit more closed....

Uhm... another try with... Comic Sans


Very usefull!

June 1, 2011

Apple VS Samsung

Apple VS Samsung, who will win?
Apple has got the vision of the next Samsung models,
now Samsung is asking to receive the same.
What do you think?

Back to the future: help me to build the DeLorean

Help me to build my personal DeLorean like the one in the Back To The Future movie.
I bought the kit in some Ikea shop:

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