November 29, 2012

Some tools to customize Windows 8

Customize your Lock Screen:

Desktop apps to customize your Start Screen:

November 27, 2012

Heavy Metal - FAKK2 from 2000

So, I have this game... installing... and trying.
I read all the stuff behind the game (such as it's from a movie based on another movie based on a magazine...etc...!) and I'm ready to go.

Preg woman: dangerous, she's a final boss?

Lara Croft, are you?

Personalize your shortcut icon with:


November 26, 2012

Far Cry full screenshots gallery

Full image: HERE (click download full size picture)

November 25, 2012

Windows 8 - What slows down your startup?

task manager windows 8 what slows down startup

The new task manager is very useful (for beginners too) to check what do you have in the startup and what slows down your boot time.

In the task manager, in the Startup tab you can add some columns like status, startup impact, startup type (so you can check where the program is started), disk impact, ect...

To do this right-click a column label and choose the columns you want.

In this way you can check how the startup programs impact your system during the startup and then disable the useless ones.

November 23, 2012

Chiptune in my keygen??

Yes, I know, old.
But GOLD. Now I'm fully immersed in chiptune and so on.

and for more evolved chiptune:

November 21, 2012

Cheating on Far Cry

Oh wait, only for testing!
No, sorry, I used "all weapons" in the final level too :_(

Open your console with ~ or \ (the keyboard button near TAB and 1) and write:

\save_game NAME

\load_game NAME

Put -DEVMODE in the end of your path (in the shortcut) and enjoy new commands:

F1: 1°/3° person
F2: move to next checkpoint
F3: new spawn point
F4: no clip
F9: save current position (fast save)
F10: load current position (fast load)
F11: see more debug information

P: all weapon in your inventary
O: set 999 bullets in the selected weapon

backspace: god mode
equals: increase speed
minus: decrease speed
F5: set default speed

November 20, 2012

Twitter RSS feed

I noticed that the RSS feed of Twitter does not work anymore, because they have changed something.
So the new address is:

As you can see I've updated the widget at the end of the right column.

November 19, 2012

Wii U, but I'm not

I'm not too much interested in the new Nintendo console "WiiU", I sold my old Wii two years ago cause I didn't use it.
But ZombiU seems so nice...  4.5/10 score, but destroying zombies is always funny.

[Nostalgia] Playing Far Cry

So, I'm playing Far Cry... 

November 7, 2012

Silent Hill 3

I took my time to play Silent Hill 3... a screenshots report (yeah, contains spoilersssss):

Larger image: HERE

Silent Hill 3 follows the plot of the first chapter, it's a great game.
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