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April 6, 2013

Troubles with G+ & Chrome, photos and sorting / upload and multitasking

I can't deal with the incompetency of Google programmers... yeah, they have their beautiful offices with toys and relax area like children and so on... but they really haven't the mind ready for the user experience.

Now I'm uploading on G+ some pictures, obviously the upload order doesn't matter at all and they are uploaded in a messed up order.
G+ can't into selection files order (if I upload fileC, fileD, fileB, fileA I expected that the files will be sorted with my order)

So, how can I obtain the right pictures order?
Renaming (with Powershell) all photos in file_00001, file_00002?
Nope, because G+ can't into natural sorting too. (

Date sorting in the album settings doesn't work (don't know why).
Manually sorting 300+ pictures? I don't think so Jim.

Chrome... I said I'm uploading pics in G+, so I have 1 tab with G+ website and other tabs.
When the G+ tab is visible the upload process uses the max upload bandwidth, when I'm in another tab (doing nothing, the webpage is loaded, nothing nothing nothing) or the browser is reduced to the taskbar there's no upload or minimum usage of upload bandwidth.
Is this multitasking? I should look the progress bar in the G+ tab for all the time to speed up things?
How can this feature be useful to the user?

Red = upload
red peaks = upload, when G+ tab is visible
red -flat- line = upload, when G+ is not visible, another tab selected

Apparently the productivity of multitasking is no longer fashionable (Windows 8 modern UI docet)

June 26, 2012

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