What is this blog and who I am...

This is me, ADMIN and yes, I'm a horse.
How did this happen?I don't know.

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I'm very interested in gaming, especially old games (ps1, ps2, pc....).
The Nintendo, Atari, Sega games have carved my childhood.

Time is short, but most games still deserve to be played and replayed!
So in this blog you will find many posts related to old games and new games that I'm interested.

I am also interested in the technology,  you can find here many news/posts about tech devices and tech gadgets.

As you can see I like testing new software and so on...

Obviously I'm a great web surfer and if I find something interesting in the web... I'll post it (images, photos, comics, links...etc)!

Those are my passions, the "lulz", the nice things that I'm enjoying, so I decide to write about them and share them in this blog.

Have fun surfing this blog.
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We have no money to pay our debts, we have no money to pay who writes this articles/posts.
But we have a big heart, but it’s useless. We sell it for only 9.999,99 Pesos :-D

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