October 18, 2013

Speed up your Win8.1 on boot #2

Fast startup should be activated when you install Windows 8.1, but in the case it's turned OFF you can activated it on Control Panel.

Control Panel > Power Options > "Choose what the power bottons do" in the left panel and:

fast startup windows 8, 8.1
You can do this in Windows 8 too
With "Turn on fast startup" Windows uses the "Kernel Hibernation" to speed up boot times.

For more info:

Speed up your Win8.1 on boot

My PC is for personal use only and I don't need a password to login...
Write the password requires a few seconds and I want to spare those seconds...

WIN+R > netplwiz > Users tab > Uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password..."

Press "ENTER" to skip the LockScreen takes too much?

Download and run this to disable the LockScreen: http://ul.to/8hzj8dg2

Do you want to skip the Start Screen without other software?

Right click on your taskbar/properties/Navigation Tab and check "Go to the desktop instead of...":

change start screen background, go to desktop

Job application

"Elizabeth *wink wink*"

October 16, 2013

Windows 8.1

New spot for Windows 8.1!
The Windows 8 free update will debut Oct. 18 with a lot of improvements and bufixes, and yes the Start button. (Only the button ;) )

GTA5 Manual for Android

Play the game on TV and read the manual on your phone/tablet!

It's a bit downvoted...

GTA5 manual


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