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September 20, 2013

Are you on iOS7?

iOS6 smells like ancient tombs.


- new functions like control center etc... (yep, Apple added some standard 2010 smartphone functions)
- new graphic style (iOS6 now is like watching Windows95)
- 64bit support (no one gives a shit because there is 1 GB of ram)
- a new bug in the lockscreen (

May 1, 2012

"Multitasking" on iOS with a WManager

With this windows manager ( iOS on Apple Ipad kicks ass.
You can transform your fullscreen app in a sizable and movable windows for true efficiency.
It's called Quasar.

- Fluid
- Good UI
- This is a killer app

- It costs 9,99 $
- It's only for jailbroken devices

Ok, it's a "hack", a custom tweak, but iOS with that feature blows away the other mobile operating systems.
Just think about Windows 8 carrying a dual tasking (snapping apps) not only in tablets, but also in desktops.
Android with the "app bar" (like the app bar in W8, the left bar that contains all opened apps) offers a quick way to switch and show apps, but it's not a windows manager.

How long will take Apple to implement this natively?
And the Android developers?
And the Windows Developer Team... oh wait, we already know :facepalm:

April 18, 2012

Android VS iOS, analized by a user

This is the analysis of a user about the two mobile operating systems using them in several devices.
I agree with many of his observations.

1° part

2° part

3° part

4° part

March 10, 2012

Smartphone OS now in one image

Android is sucking c**ck to iOS, in the while Windows Phone is doing nothing, just watching.

Just kidding :P

I'm waiting to see the Windows 8 Phone OS (Apollo) and what is true in all those rumors about the new Android OS (I'm still waiting for an upgrade to ICS for some 2010/11 models).

February 17, 2012


Some comments from a tech-blog:

I use both iOS and Android and I really don’t think the notifications experience is better on iOS than on Android..
Apple’s implementation is not as good as Android’s.
Tell me one thing it does better than Android’s. One.
You won’t find one (against ICS).

Dat answer:
The ability to view notification center within a full screen app

And I agree. Can't be that Android-ICS developers have not thought about that and iOS 5 was shipped with a better "Notifications"  feature.


January 12, 2012

Broken Sword, play it on your mobile phone

These great adventure-games finally on your smartphones!
I played them on my Playstation (the first) in the 1999/2002 (I have skipped the school for some days to play them).
Ops! I discovered that they were free few days ago... :_(

Ok, these are for iOS, but for Android?
Take a look there:

The iOS versions are remastered and optimized for a better mobile experience (big dialog baloons, etc), the ScummVm version is not (but you can survive to this).

if you have a Win Pc you can play the Broken Sword 2.5 game, search it in this blog, no, I link it:

November 26, 2011

Minecraft : Pocket Edition

Mojang released the mobile version of Minecraft some weeks ago.
I tried it, is a little uncomfortable in a smartphone, but not bad...

On Android:
If you wanna try (free version DEMO):

Full version:

The version I tried doesn't support App2SD :-(

This app is for iOS too:

PS: some developers have rebuilt a their "minecraft like" version, search their works in the market!

June 7, 2011

Uncle Steve presents iAndroi...ops...iOS 5 and other things

Seriously guys... what?
What is that?

I'm a bit annoyed that every time somebody announces a "bigggginnnovation", "revolution" or some other shit, this already exists.
Changing names don't make a new technology.

1) Notifications: seriously, is this Android? Where are notifications in iOS 4?
2) Twitter: integrated with the OS? Are you kidding me?
3) Ota updates: welcome to 2008 (or 2007)
4) iCloud: innovation? Windows Skydrive, Dropbox etc...
5) now you can use volume button for camera .... no comment

All right, all usefull things, but... innovation? Revolution? Nope.

Try again Apple.

And stop kidding.

June 1, 2011

Apple VS Samsung

Apple VS Samsung, who will win?
Apple has got the vision of the next Samsung models,
now Samsung is asking to receive the same.
What do you think?
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