April 30, 2011

Re3: other screenshots

In the last part of the game, in the factory, you can obtain this weapon:

Simply modify your Facility Key in the radiation-machine near the watersample-test and then use the key in the closed locker situated in the room under the lab.
You can access in this room using the E-Card in the elevator in the "steam room".

I am a bit dead

PS: I have finally the REC:Veronica game for Ps2 (original copy 8-)  ).
Somebody tells me REC:V sucks, but doesn't matter, I want to play it.

You are a hacker!

No, just kidding.
But you can use this site to impress your friends!

Nero, one of us

April 29, 2011

What about the royal wedding?

Resident Evil 3: playing

I'm still playing Resident Evil 3 (pc edition).
The gameflow is very good, but the graphic is old, seems to be a porting from playstation one.
Doesn't matter, I really enjoying this game!
Another survival-horror: Dead Space.
I'm playing it, it offers a very better graphic (yeah, it's a game of 2008), but I don't feel anything.
Seems strange, but I prefer playing RE3.

Some screenshots!


WTF man! It's a DeLorean!!

April 28, 2011

April 27, 2011

Chrome themes

A great site that allows you to create your own theme for Google Chrome:

I like old videogames: RE3

I like old videogames!
I'm playing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on the PC.
On Xp this game has a problem, after the intro doesn't work.
The problem is the audio acceleration in the DirectX setup.
Run > dxdiag > Your primary audio device > No acceleration.

April 26, 2011

Iphone 4 White

I'm sorry for another post about Apple, but I must say they are geniuses.

Before Iphone 5 (end of summer?) they drop a new version of Iphone 4.
What are the changes?
Nothing, only the fucking color.
It's "trendy white".

Now the applefags with their black Iphone4 are raging more, they want the new iphone 4.

Slaves of the market... GG Steve Jobs!

I'm white too...

Say cheese, the sheriff put your face on web



Applefags don't know how logged they are

In recent days some guys have discovered that their expensive Iphone keeps track of their position by saving this information in a file called consolidated.db.

So they are in rage:

iphone controls me!
Steve Jobs knows my secrets!
Apple knows that I go to whores in motel!

Dear applefags, if you do not know when you connect to the network (the mobile network in this case) are continuously tracked to find out your position.
But often you are the architects of your losses in privacy, intentional and not.
When you geotagged photos on the beach with your sweetheart and send them on facebook?
When you go on twitter and then write "I'm jogging in the park?
So why get angry with a file that no one can know the content when you are the first to violate your privacy?

It must be said, however, that Apple has not clearly explained how this file should be used.
If they use the file to do something they have to clarify or at least had to show the user a warning that brought him to the attention of the tracking.
But applefags should also warn them "hey you are getting into the mobile network and we know where you are. "

If you are an applefag you can download a software to use this file and show the map of your traces.
There is an app that block the feed of this file too.

April 22, 2011

April 1, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever: another delay, postponed to 2014

It's incredible!
Another delay for the "never born" game of Duke...

Preorders are valid for 2014.

The website

Send an email HERE to change their mind...

WTF guys, I'have created this post the 03/20/2011 for the 1° April joke and a few days after
DN:F is delayed for true.
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