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July 9, 2011

Duke Nukem 3D archived

Ok, Duke Nukem 3D archived.

It was interesting to play the version with the best textures.
This version is confirmed visually less traumatic for the youth of today while leaving the Duke in all his personality.

I'm finishing the "special" chapter "Birth" where there is the horrible map of "BabeLand".
After Uncle Duke I have some other game to start.

Some screen ...

Mc Clain? Surely Mc Clane from Die Hard and Duke says "Hippy ya ye".
There are other references to other movies, like "Judge Dredd" in the secret room behind the picture in court.

June 23, 2011

I'm still playing Duke Nukem 3D

Some screenshots...

A head on a plate in a japanese-like restaurant.
I will complain to the owner.

No, you can't shoot at the helicopter...

2001: a space odyssey? Nope, Duke Nukem 3D.
"Oh my God, it's full of pigs!"

June 21, 2011

Duke Nukem 3D Remastered HD with HRP

No, the Atari cartridge is unrelated.

The old, old, old Duke Nukem 3D game "remastered" in HD.

I never play this HD version, so... it's time.
It's summer, but few minutes for the Duke are obligatory.

This is a High Resolution Pack  for the original game.
Link for download? Google it 

This High Resolution Pack works great, look at the game world! How beautiful!

Click for enlarge!

You can switch from old 8-bit graphic to the new HR in the Options menu.

Too many posts about the Duke in this period... :-D

June 10, 2011

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, back to the past

Yeah, back to the past.
Digging in my game collection I found something interesting: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

This is an old game for pc, very nice, but underrated by the players of that time to its nature as a side-scrolling platform game.

I never played this game.
Glorious installed and... not bad. Nice graphic, nice gameplay... I'll continue to play (this winter, I wanna enjoy my summer :D)

Ah, the Duke is now on stores > Duke Nukem Forever:

June 9, 2011

Are you ready for the Duke?

Finally the waiting is near to the end... (10 June!)

Meanwhile... do you remember the old, old, old trailer of Duke Nukem Forever?
Nope? Take a look, this is one of the old trailers of DNF.

Dude what? It's fffff*cking AWESOME!!!

The trailer collection :

June 3, 2011

Downloading and playing the Duke (Demo)

The "First Access Club" code...

For who has the demo code is possible to download the Duke Nukem Forever demo version(via Steam).

I'm downloading the demo... :-D and playing :-D

Some screenshots:

The graphic seems a bit lower compared with other current games, but doesn't matter (imho).

Duke uses a hologram to distract the enemies..

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