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June 17, 2011

Apple, Google, they are the same

Old story.

The current companies collect our personal information and they do what they want, sell them, make money on them.
For me is ok if I know it and I can select which informations provide.
After Apple and his "I'm collecting wifi spots for blahblahblah" is the time for Google.

Let me be a bit angry when I can trace with Google, through the MAC address of my wifi router, my home address.
I have no idea how they did it to collect all this data (google cars?), But that does not please me at all.

Considerations to you.

Insert your MAC address : and try.
This site reads a public Google database.
You can find your MAC in your router details.

I've tryed:
- Pc network card MAC: nothing
- Smartphone MAC: nothing
- Router ASDL port MAC: nothing
- Router LAN port MAC: nothing
- Router WIFI port MAC:  ... aw, sh*t... my current address

My access point is not for public use, it's crypted and not so powerfull. So, why collecting it?

Google, don't be evil.
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