February 29, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta)

The Beta is coming... are you ready for the download?

Download links:

! ! !

http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/iso  << Download your ISO

! ! ! PS: the serial-key explanation is in the download page

Get started:

- - - - - -

"Live" event here: http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/29/live-from-microsofts-windows-8-press-event-at-mobile-world-cong/

Other things about Windows 8:



Oh! The Consumer Preview, the Consumer Preview!!!:
Of Windows 98 :D

Cleaning your PC

You are doing it wrong!!

February 28, 2012

Customize your Windows 7 Start Orb

After the Windows 7 3rd themes post...
... another way to graphically customize your Windows 7 is changing the Start Orb, the graphic of the Start Button (dropped in Win8, but still there in Seven).

You can do this using this tool:

Windows 7 Start Orb Changer:

  • download (it's a .zip with a link)
  • follow the link and download the software
  • start the software (run as Administrator!!)
  • I set "replace by editing resources" in the advanced options (> button)
  • select your "orb graphic file" (look below) and patch
  • explorer.exe  restarts and et-voilĂ , your new Start Orb!

Choose your favorite, directly from DeviantArt:


I like Win 8 orb "big arrow", "Win8 orb square" and the minimal "Little square"

February 27, 2012

From 1993: NeXTstep OS

In the 1995 the NeXTstep was in the 3.3 version.
What is NeXTstep?
When Jobs left Apple he made a pc called NeXT and a new operating system.

I installed it.
The UI graphic is very nice and polish, I love big icons, but I hate the movable menu bar and the windows managing is a bit inconsistent ("hide" menu button to hide a window, menu bar occupies a lot of screen, etc...).

Some screens!

February 23, 2012

Kompose: make your mosaic

I used this simply tool for make the screenshots mosaic for Return to Castle Wolfenstein...

Very useful if you want to create one image using multiple images!

Download: Kompose (80 KB)

February 20, 2012

Simply multi-desktop in 60KB

In the web there are a bunch of software that add multi-desktop feature in your Windows.

With "Desktops" you have a 60 kilobytes software that allow you to use 4 virtual desktops, easy and simply.

Download: Desktops

February 19, 2012

February 18, 2012

Oh, new Windows logo...

Uhm... not bad.

It's clean.

It's new.

It isn't the logo what worries me ...  Yeah, you know... 
I have very little trust in Redmond in recent times in the Win8 development....

February 17, 2012


Some comments from a tech-blog:

I use both iOS and Android and I really don’t think the notifications experience is better on iOS than on Android..
Apple’s implementation is not as good as Android’s.
Tell me one thing it does better than Android’s. One.
You won’t find one (against ICS).

Dat answer:
The ability to view notification center within a full screen app

And I agree. Can't be that Android-ICS developers have not thought about that and iOS 5 was shipped with a better "Notifications"  feature.


Time for a new OS war!

Apple shows the first screens of its new OS called "Mountain Lion" (feline names are finished :P ) and Microsoft will releases soon (29 February) the Consumer Preview (Beta) of Windows 8.

Improvements, new features and so much on.

It gets interesting.

February 15, 2012

Enjoy your BSOD

BSOD is the blue screen of death that comes when something goes wrong in  your Windows OS.
This screen is the nightmare for many of us, specially in the 9X version when Bsod reaches its glory (lol).
With NT systems bsod is an old memory, but sometimes comes in the recent Windows versions.

If you are nostalgic about bsod or you want to play some jokes or simply you want a cool screen saver:

BlueScreen (read the article!)

Download the .src file (from Microsoft, is secure) and use it like screen saver (follow website instructions).
If you double-click it a beautiful bsod appears! Awesome.

Don't forget, is fake or you might be scared seriously!

February 13, 2012

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

After a decade I returned to Castle Wolfenstein with my pc.
In these last days I completed this awesome game... and I built a massive  mosaic with screenshots from the many levels of this game.

Enjoy it.

"Hi"-res version here: http://imgur.com/7ryuz  (maybe I will upload a better and bigger image)

Next mission? Enemy Territory.

February 9, 2012

Scale of the Universe #2

Another scale of the Universe!  I love that animation.
Yes, in the picture above they compared the maximum map size of Minecraft to the Earth, Neptune etc...  :-)

Visit this link (you need the Flash plugin installed), use the scroll bar or the mouse wheel to zoom in/out:


February 7, 2012

Windows 8 and Build blog

I'm really appreciating that Microsoft will finally provide some listening to users to improve their operating system.
After all the user's contribution is very important.

Want to have your say? Go here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/

And... the Candidate Build of Win8 is out:

 (colors placed at random by the user? I hope)

Faster than Windows 7? We will see in the final release.
The major flaws of the current Windows are, in my opinion:
- An old file system that supports many features, but has not yet solved the problem of fragmentation (already solved in many other OS from ...  year 2000)  [In b4 solved with SSD];
- The software included in the OS is not complete;
- A very slow startup.

It will all be solved with Windows 8?

February 5, 2012

February 4, 2012

February 1, 2012

Resident Evil Surviror

Resident Evil Survivor is a RE episode with a first person camera.

Seems that the gameplay is like the first and the second (and the third) episode (zombies + items + keys, but no puzzles).

Some screens:

Now I'm in the bridge before the factory... 50/60% of the game? A bit boring...

I found an interesting article about Resident Evil history:
http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/history-of-resident-evil/082972   :-P
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