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October 16, 2013

GTA5 Manual for Android

Play the game on TV and read the manual on your phone/tablet!

It's a bit downvoted...

GTA5 manual


September 22, 2013

GTA: the most important NPC

The most important NPC on GTA is the bitch.
And bitches make money.

In GTA5 you can't play as a bitch.

Someone disagrees:


September 20, 2013

Ufo on GTA5?

ufo GTA 5 space ship
It's your chandelier...

Someone at GTA forums reported that he spotted a UFO on top of Mt. Chilliad once he collected all the spaceship parts and hitting 100%

You are lying!!!

All this mystery reminds me the mythology of GTA: San Andreas...
Do you remember UFOs, Bigfoot, foo-fighters, mysterious lights, ghost cars, ghosts in the CJ's house, etc...?

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