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September 20, 2013

Are you on iOS7?

iOS6 smells like ancient tombs.


- new functions like control center etc... (yep, Apple added some standard 2010 smartphone functions)
- new graphic style (iOS6 now is like watching Windows95)
- 64bit support (no one gives a shit because there is 1 GB of ram)
- a new bug in the lockscreen (

June 28, 2013

Mac Pro 2013: internet says... (14 images)

Here's the best of the best that the new Mac Pro has aroused in the people of the web...

mac pro dart water

someone takes inspiration:

mac pro case mod

others think that external devices can create so much mess:

new mac pro is a mess?

What is it like?
What it can do?
A bunch of funny images:

new mac pro funny

May 26, 2012

Customize OSX with CrystalClear

I don't know, this pseudo-glass is not bad... but uhm... too glass? There is a good effects choice...
If you are bored from the usual gray ... why not try it?


May 19, 2012

Mac & Win GUI evolution

I found this picture, very interesting, about the GUI evolution of Windows and Mac OS:

May 1, 2012

"Multitasking" on iOS with a WManager

With this windows manager ( iOS on Apple Ipad kicks ass.
You can transform your fullscreen app in a sizable and movable windows for true efficiency.
It's called Quasar.

- Fluid
- Good UI
- This is a killer app

- It costs 9,99 $
- It's only for jailbroken devices

Ok, it's a "hack", a custom tweak, but iOS with that feature blows away the other mobile operating systems.
Just think about Windows 8 carrying a dual tasking (snapping apps) not only in tablets, but also in desktops.
Android with the "app bar" (like the app bar in W8, the left bar that contains all opened apps) offers a quick way to switch and show apps, but it's not a windows manager.

How long will take Apple to implement this natively?
And the Android developers?
And the Windows Developer Team... oh wait, we already know :facepalm:

April 18, 2012

Android VS iOS, analized by a user

This is the analysis of a user about the two mobile operating systems using them in several devices.
I agree with many of his observations.

1° part

2° part

3° part

4° part

April 6, 2012

Instagram on Android

Instagram on Android produces a big rage/butthurt on Iphone users.

I don't know why... 

But I lol'd.

PS: Android has tons of cam apps, like PixLX

March 16, 2012

The waiting

...and once again they are repeating the sad show of waiting in front of Apple stores...

February 17, 2012


Some comments from a tech-blog:

I use both iOS and Android and I really don’t think the notifications experience is better on iOS than on Android..
Apple’s implementation is not as good as Android’s.
Tell me one thing it does better than Android’s. One.
You won’t find one (against ICS).

Dat answer:
The ability to view notification center within a full screen app

And I agree. Can't be that Android-ICS developers have not thought about that and iOS 5 was shipped with a better "Notifications"  feature.


Time for a new OS war!

Apple shows the first screens of its new OS called "Mountain Lion" (feline names are finished :P ) and Microsoft will releases soon (29 February) the Consumer Preview (Beta) of Windows 8.

Improvements, new features and so much on.

It gets interesting.

January 6, 2012

Do you want your personal Steve Jobs?

Buy this action-figure for only 100€ dollars from the In Icons website

Obviously Apple’s lawyers are attempting to stop the sale of this product, they say:

" too similar to Steve Jobs: he is dressed in black, has smooth shoulders.
If you want to sell your product you need to put his mouth anywhere else, making it more cumbersome and change color..."
I'm just kidding (only in the quote :P)

January 4, 2012

Top & Flop of 2011

About tech, games and other things.

- Android mobile OS: downloads from the market and impressive number of activations, ICS (Android 4) is released
- Apple Iphone 4S: despite a few news and the same design, has sold a lot
- Tablets, tablets everywhere, Kindle gold year too

- Samsung and Apple patents war: Apple is ruining its name with its patents troll war
- Apple MacOsx Lion: good sales, but a lot of bugs, many users complained
- Nintendo 3DS: nobody gives a sh** about this (no games)
- Sony was hacked a lot of times, stolen user data
- Duke Nukem 3D: after years proves a disappointment
- 3D Tv: who bought them?
- Google with Google Plus (can't beat Facebook) and Google Wave (it's closing)
- Chromebooks: google laptops that cost as a normal laptop but only work online

In the middle (can't say if is a top or a flop, next year maybe):
- Metro interface on Windows 8: we see only the Developer Preview so we can't say anything (waiting for Beta)

I forgot something?

August 24, 2011

Apple patents your mother too

Apple can patent everything (Samsung Vs Apple about swipe screens on display).
The next step will be patent images on the display?
Oh, shit. I said that.

Apple: master patents trolling since 1976
Prior art rule is valid?

Morning news: Steve is not more CEO of Apple, now Cook (probably) is.
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