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December 9, 2013

Aero Glass in your Windows 8!

Are you nostalgic about the glass effect in Windows 8?
You can bring back  Aero Glass with this simple utility!

Developers say:
  • Apply glass look to windows borders
  • Blur the content behind the borders to improve UI experience
  • Change amount of transparency in Control panels directly
  • Change inactive windows borders color
  • Skin windows borders (add glow, shadows etc.) without changing Windows theme
  • Fully native including MSStyle themes and DWM API compatibility
  • Low resources usage


Read the guide first:

October 18, 2013

Speed up your Win8.1 on boot #2

Fast startup should be activated when you install Windows 8.1, but in the case it's turned OFF you can activated it on Control Panel.

Control Panel > Power Options > "Choose what the power bottons do" in the left panel and:

fast startup windows 8, 8.1
You can do this in Windows 8 too
With "Turn on fast startup" Windows uses the "Kernel Hibernation" to speed up boot times.

For more info:

Speed up your Win8.1 on boot

My PC is for personal use only and I don't need a password to login...
Write the password requires a few seconds and I want to spare those seconds...

WIN+R > netplwiz > Users tab > Uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password..."

Press "ENTER" to skip the LockScreen takes too much?

Download and run this to disable the LockScreen:

Do you want to skip the Start Screen without other software?

Right click on your taskbar/properties/Navigation Tab and check "Go to the desktop instead of...":

change start screen background, go to desktop

October 16, 2013

Windows 8.1

New spot for Windows 8.1!
The Windows 8 free update will debut Oct. 18 with a lot of improvements and bufixes, and yes the Start button. (Only the button ;) )

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