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November 7, 2013

Beware of Cryptolocker !

Cryptolocker is a ransomware in evolution that crypt your personal files in your hard disks / removable disks, etc... and then offers you to pay a ransom to decrypt your files.

Yep, you can't access and use your data.

The crypt method is too hard to decrypt without the key, so the best way is DON'T GET CRYPTOLOCKER.

How? Pay attention to e-mail attachments and use common sense!

cryptolocker windows

More info (there is a software to prevent the infection):

October 16, 2013

Windows 8.1

New spot for Windows 8.1!
The Windows 8 free update will debut Oct. 18 with a lot of improvements and bufixes, and yes the Start button. (Only the button ;) )

September 21, 2013

Flat style is contagious (new Google flat style)

Google is changing its style from:

google style
So '90s


google new style

Try it with this trick:

May 13, 2013

Windows 8.1 Developer Preview

Windows 8.1 Developer Preview was released to developers...
I expect many optimizations for the desktop environment (keyboard and mouse interaction), in addition to all those already mentioned in the previous posts for the ModernUI.

Start button will return
The Start button is still there, but opens the Start screen and not the old Start window.
For me it is fine, but there's definitely need more customization, especially the addition of an initial tutorial for newbies.

Waiting for public release in June...

April 15, 2013

Tape mode on Youtube

Youtube implements the "Tape mode" for your videos!

tape mode youtube

Try it

and finally for my shitty bandwidth I can choose 144p to watch a thick soup of pixels!

144p videos

March 24, 2013

Windows Blue, more infos (build 9364 leaked)

Windows Blue leaked - features: apps snapping

Windows Blue eh?
It seems that these features will be present:

and for the classic Desktop part?

Build 6.3.9364.0 screens:

Microsoft Collection Book • Windows 8 Blue • Screenshot Gallery


March 22, 2013

Duck Tales Remastered

DT remastered comes to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and the Wii U e-Shop in Summer 2013!

March 19, 2013

Ultra smartphones

Have you seen the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S4?
Yes, it is interesting.
But this increase in hardware on smartphones does not seem "too much"?

I think so, but at least is the excellent research & development that can bring progress in all technologies (more capacious 
batteries, more power, less consumption)

March 17, 2013

Finally Twitter for Windows 8

What a waste of space.


But IMHO only TweetDeck is a good Twitter client with its multi-column approach (general timeline, interactions, tweets of your preferred users, etc...)

March 13, 2013

Gnome founder: bye bye Linux, I'm on Mac now


And now we know why Gnome is a little too much inspired to OSX interface...
We are always inspired by things we like.
Just kidding, just kidding...
And nope, I don't like the Gnome default/OSX style.

March 8, 2013

GG EA: shitstorm on SimCity

ea simcity

EA has released the new SimCity game and  has generated online a shitstorm of considerable size, these are the main reasons:

1. Always online (DRM)
2. No offline mode
3. No terraforming
4. Small cities (future DLC?)
5. No control over regional transport (future DLC?)
6. No subways (future DLC?)
7. Cloud saves only
8. Origin client
9. Dumbed down gameplay
10. Bugs
11. Busy servers
12. Fake reviews with high votes

ea simcityea simcity

ea simcity

ea simcity

ea simcity comparison

August 24, 2012

Goodbye Psygnosis

A piece of history goes away.
Sony decides to close ex-Psygnosis studio.

Do you remember its games?

Moar info:

July 7, 2012

There will be no Internet blackout

Apocalypse! No, don't worry

Runs on the net the news that on Monday the Internet users will be overshadowed by problems caused by a virus called Dns Changer.

But DNS Changer is an old treat :   so if you have an antivirus and your aren't a totally noob you are safe.

July 2, 2012

Flash on Android? Goodbye...

However, with Android 4.1 this is no longer going to be the case, as we have not continued developing and testing Flash Player for this new version of Android and its available browser options.  There will be no certified implementations of Flash Player for Android 4.1.


Beginning August 15th we will use the configuration settings in the Google Play Store to limit continued access to Flash Player updates to only those devices that have Flash Player already installed. Devices that do not have Flash Player already installed are increasingly likely to be incompatible with Flash Player and will no longer be able to install it from the Google Play Store after August 15th.

Apple clearly had in the past prevented the use of Flash in its mobile devices, but remember that at that time there was not yet a replacement technology such as the current HTML5 and Android users, however, had always a choice.

Yeah, surely there are tricks and tweaks for Flash on 4.1 8-)

PS: I forgot, you can try A4.1...
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