March 31, 2011

Lego is not for kids...

Infinity wut

March 30, 2011


March 22, 2011

Trains in Italy

This photo was taken in the railstation in Padua, Italy.

"TrenItalia" >>> "PenItalia"

And "peni" means "PENIS".

Bad quality settings +  zoom = this photo

Iphone 5, lets see something about this faggotry

Some rumors about features on Iphone 5:

- dual core processor;
- 8 MPX camera;
- more thin;
- NFC (you can transport your sh*t).

I hate f*cking Apple, I hate their policy, I hate their idea of f4ggot users they have...
but this time hardware is good.

I'm a bit curious about the specs of the other devices (Motorola, HTC, ecc...) Android based, hoping in a fast upgrade mechanism.

What do you think?

March 19, 2011

Where are the cats?

Oh guys from the internuts, where are the cats?

Cats? In my Saturday? GTFO

Dunno lol

Dudes, we are testing monitors....
/                      \

March 18, 2011

March 15, 2011

Oh, oh my Gallardo doesn't work...

La protesta di un imprenditore cinese per sua Lambo che non funzionava più dopo una riparazione.
Riparala un'altra volta, furbacchione!

The protest by a Chinese businessman when his Lambo stopped working after a repair.
Repair it again, dodger!

Chissà poi se l'ha portata in un'officina autorizzata...

Strange days...

Boob views

Haunter used Mean Look

March 11, 2011

Consigli di Zio Silvio

Dovete stimolarvi care ragazze mie, stimolarvi è il segreto,
esplorarvi per divertirvi di più

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