March 8, 2012

Android in your x86 PC

Do you have a laptop/netbook/something with the x86 architecture and you want to change OS?
If you have a:

  • ASUS Eee PCs/Laptops
  • Viewsonic Viewpad 10
  • Dell Inspiron Mini Duo
  • Samsung Q1U
  • Viliv S5
  • Lenovo ThinkPad x61 Tablet 
or other device you can put in Android for x86!

Download the latest iso:

There is the 4.0RC iso... let's try it on VirtualBox, I use the Asus EEEpc iso:

Low ram and too much video ram (8 MB Video is fine, 400-500 MB Ram too) to test...

In the Audio section: ICH AC97 doesn't work! Use SoundBlaster16! ;-)
For Network section use PCnet-Fast III (NAT)!

....continue (open the post clicking the post title)....

You can run Android as Live CD or install it to hard-drive.
So you can test in if in your laptop/netbook/etc works fine (burn a CD with the iso or use a bootable usb drive).
In this case I install Android-x86 to hard-disk:

Now you can choose the disk of installation or partition and the file system and the boot loader:
(Create a partition > new Primary partition, Bootable and Write it then Quit and choose SDA1)

Install GRUB!

Installed! Now you can create a fake SD card, I put 256 MB of space only for testing:

It's time to restart the VM, drop the cd image from Devices>CD/DVD devices and restart...

Ok, the Grub boot loader lists the Android installation:

I choose to use a "fake" account without a Google Account, but if you want to use this OS seriously with the market and so on, you need a Google Account:

The desktop:


App/widget drawer:


The OS is fluid and I tried some apps without problems.

Where is the mouse?
With VirtualBox do that:

On Windows XP I had problems with this operation, but it's ok on Windows Seven.
Push Right Control + I for the Mouse Integration if something doesn't work.

Where is my Internet connection?
I can't find a way to use the internet connection on virtual machine...
I'm looking for a solution...

You can install it in many ways, look here:


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