October 4, 2014

Did you see Windows 10?


Ok, I subscribed Insider Program (https://insider.windows.com/) and downloaded my beautiful  Tecnical Preview of Windows 10 64 bit.

Let's try it inside a Virtual Machine!

TaskView is the "vision" of the multiple screens and the windows of opened applications.
Windows from other screens appear differently in the taskbar.

Use CTRL + Win + Left/Right to scroll between screens!

Start screen / start menĂ¹:
Now you can decide to use the Start Screen or the Start menu! Finally!

now apps behavior are the same of the "classic" windows: resizeable, moveable...
You can set them in fullscreen mode like 8.1 if you want.
There is a little charmbar in windowed mode:

File Explorer:
There are new icons and items in the Navigation Panel (but you can't sort them or deactivate them)

There are new buttons: search and taskview!

There is a different use of shadows, it seem like OSX....
Borders are really tiny, but you can't edit them without touch the Registry.
Now few icons are in "moderUI" style, but there are so many icons and dialogs directly from 95 ;)

The DOS prompt window is now more usable and you can select/copy/paste text with keyboard shortcuts!

And under the hood?
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