June 20, 2013

Don't Escape!

don't escape game

I love this type of games!

You are a werewolf, you know it and you must to block yourself into a house to avoid to kill someone...

I tried this:
  1. go outside and pick the axe
  2. pick the logs
  3. pick the mushrooms
  4. go inside
  5. pick the rope
  6. close the door
  7. turn right
  8. pick the bottle
  9. turn right
  10. open drawers and pick tinderbox
  11. search in the clothes for a silver key
  12. search in the bed for a gold key
  13. close window and close the lock in the window
  14. turn right
  15. take herb on the hook
  16. take root on the barrel
  17. open the chest with small gold key
  18. take hammer and nails inside the chest
  19. use axe on table and pick planks
  20. turn right
  21. use silver key to lock the door
  22. move shelf to the door
  23. turn right two times
  24. use planks on the window
  25. use hammer and nails on the planks
  26. turn right three times
  27. put logs in the fireplace
  28. use tinderbox on the logs
  29. put herbs, root and mushroom in the pot
  30. use bottle on the pot
  31. drink potion (use potion on yourself)
  32. use rope on yourself
  33. click the time icon (first icon)

BBBBut it doesn't work, I missed something.
The door is too weak and the potion doesn't work... any idea?


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