January 20, 2012

Motorola Milestone (Droid) Froyo, some little works to do

It's time to put something new on this old Motorola Milestone (Droid in the Usa).

So, what do?

First point, a new launcher, the Froyo's launcher is *blearhg*.
For me the best is Go Launcher Ex for some reasons:
- better app drawer
- creation of directories in the app drawer and in the desktops
- gestures (if you want)
- possibility to hide dock bar and status bar (notify bar)
- multiple desktops (like original android home launcher)
- multiple docks
- widgets scaling
- choosing the grid dimension on the desktops
- choosing how icons appear on the desktop (black label, alpha label, no label etc...)
- tons of other stuff

This launcher works great in this phone (that has low ram)

A post about this (free) launcher>

Second point, rooting phone.
With the "root" you can use your phone as a super user, with this utility you can choose to grant SU permission to an App (Titanium Backup, etc...).

This link is very clearly:

Third point (I'm in this point), trying the overclocking.
Poor battery! But, it's only for testing purpose.
This link is very helpful:
(There are many overclock utilities in the market)

PS: Use at your own risk, I do not take responsibility for your actions!

Next steps? A custom rom I suppose...

...and a list of the MUST HAVE apps...
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